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Optional Inspection Services
Beyond our standard services, we also offer at your option, a few additional inspection services which could be of interest to you, depending on your particular situation and needs.

All of these services are performed by highly trained professionals in their respective fields.

  • Radon Testing - Radon is a naturally-occuring radioactive gas which is found in all soils to some extent. When present in elevated levels, radon gas is a carcinogen which can contribute to lung cancer. Testing is required to detect the presence and levels of this environmental hazard. We offer comprehensive short-term tests which are conducted with computerized monitoring equipment. All of our technicians are state-licensed and all of our tests conform to the protocols of the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety. These 2-3 day tests are the most accurate available because they sample the air and record the readings on an hourly basis. Unlike charcoal cannisters and other passive tests, our particular testing system can conclusively determine for you whether or not radon mitigation will be required for your health and safety.
  • Termite Certification - While our inspectors do inspect for clear indications of wood-borer activity and/or insect infestation, if such conditions are found, we may recommend further evaluation by a state-licensed pest inspector. Some lending institutions require certification by such state-licensed inspectors. In these cases, we can arrange for such optional inspections.
  • Lead-based Paint Testing - For homes built before 1978, there is always the possibility that lead-based paint was used. Thus, for homes of this vintage or older, you may wish to have us test for the presence of such paint, particularly if you have young children. This non-invasive (non-destructive) testing is done with state-of-the-art x-ray fluorescence lead-detecting equipment. The testing is conducted by state-licensed lead inspectors in accordance with standards set by the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  • Moisture Analysis and Mold Testing - To an increasing extent, insurance companies are exempting mold as a condition they cover in homeowner’s policies. Because certain kinds of mold have been shown medically to present significant health hazards, you may want to have us more rigorously test for moisture and mold if you know or suspect that such conditions may be present in the your existing home or the home you are considering for purchase. Such testing can cover swab specimens, carpet testing, as well as indoor and outdoor air sampling. Naturally, in our standard home inspections, our inspectors closely observe for indications of moisture or mold. However, where such conditions are discovered, we may suggest that you have more thorough testing done to accurately determine the extent and nature of the problem.
  • Synthetic Stucco & Dryvit Analysis (third-party EIFS inspection) - Moisture-related problems have been well-documented in the installation of synthetic stucco claddings on homes and other buildings. When undetected and unresolved, such problems can result in substantial damage to the exterior framing and structural components. Because the cost of repairs can easily range into tens of thousands of dollars, you may want us to conduct such optional testing if the building you are considering incorporates synthetic stucco or Dryvit.
  • Inspection of Home Alarm Systems - We provide to our customers a free of charge inspection of home alarm systems. Brink's Home Security performs this inspection. Brink's Home Security pays us a scheduling fee for this service. As part of this arrangement, regardless if there is an alarm system in the home being inspected, Brink's Home Security will contact you to discuss a special alarm system offer. We are proud to recommend Brink's Home Security, a trusted and reliable company, to further enhance your home service needs.
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